Data Processing Addendum

This Data Processing Addendum ("DPA") frames part of the Agreement among Statusbrew and its members ("Statusbrew") and the entity entering the Agreement as a client of Statusbrew's Services ("Customer").

This DPA is a framework to the Agreement and sets out the roles and obligations that can be apply when Statusbrew measures Personal Data falling inside the extent of the GDPR or Personal Information falling inside the extent of the CCPA in the interest of Customer throughout giving the Statusbrew Services.

All terms not characterized in this DPA will have the implications in the Agreement.

1. Definitions

  • "Arrangement" signifies the terms and conditions or other composed or electronic understanding among Statusbrew and Customer setting out the provision and utilization of the Statusbrew Services.
  • "CCPA" signifies the California Consumer Privacy Act.
  • "EEA" signifies the European Economic Area.
  • "GDPR" signifies Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and rof the Council on the protection of common people concerning the handling of individual information and on the free development of such information, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.
  • "Standard Contractual Clauses" means this DPA as per the European Commission Decision of 5 February 2010 on standard authoritative contractual clauses for the exchange of individual information to processors set up in third countries under Directive 95/46/EC.
  • The expressions "Business", "Service Provider", "Third-Party", "Individual Information", "Consumer", "sell", and "Business Purposes" have the implications given to them in the CCPA.

2. DPA Applicable

To the degree that Statusbrew processes Personal Data falling inside the extent of the GDPR for Customer over the span of giving the Statusbrew Services, the applicable provisions of this DPA apply. To the degree that Statusbrew processes Personal Information falling inside the extent of the CCPA for the benefit of Customer over the span of giving the Statusbrew Services, the important provision of this DPA apply. For the avoidance of doubt, where it isn't certain whether the GDPR, the CCPA, or both apply, all provisions of this DPA will apply.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3a. Roles of the Parties

As among Statusbrew and Customer, Customer is the Data Controller for purposes behind the GDPR of the Personal Data, and the Business for reasons for the CCPA concerning the Personal Information, that is given to Statusbrew to preparing under the Agreement and Statusbrew will deal with the Personal Data as well as Personal Information as a Data Processor or potentially Services Provider in the interest of Customer.

3b. Customer Processing of Personal Information

Client will be answerable for:

Complying with all appropriate laws identifying with security and information protection in regard of its utilization of the Statusbrew Services, its preparing of the Personal Data and additionally Personal Information, and any handling guidelines it issues to Statusbrew;(a) Complying with all appropriate laws identifying with security and information protection in regard of its utilization of the Statusbrew Services, its preparing of the Personal Data and additionally Personal Information, and any handling guidelines it issues to Statusbrew;

Ensuring it has the right to move data, or give admittance to, the Personal Data and additionally Personal Information to Statusbrew for handling according to the Agreement and this DPA;

Ensuring that it will not uncover (nor license any information subject to unveil) any uncommon classes of information to Statusbrew for handling.

3c. Statusbrew's handling of Personal Data/Personal Information

Statusbrew will handle the Personal Data and additionally Personal Information just for the reasons portrayed in the Agreement and as per the legal, recorded guidelines of Customer (counting the directions of any clients getting to the Statusbrew Services for Customer's benefit) as set out in the Agreement, this DPA or in any case recorded as a hard copy. Statusbrew will not: (a) sell the Personal Data or Personal Information; (b) hold, use, or unveil the Personal Data or Personal Information for any reason other than for the particular motivation behind playing out the Statusbrew Services; (c) hold, use, or uncover the Personal Data or Personal Information for a business reason other than giving the Statusbrew Services; or (d) hold, use, or reveal the data outside of the immediate business connection among Statusbrew and the Customer. Statusbrew affirms that it comprehends these limitations and will follow them.

4. Security

4a. Security

Statusbrew will carry out appropriate technical and authoritative measures to ensure the Personal Data or Personal Information from inadvertent or unlawful annihilation, lose, alteration, unapproved disclosure or access ("Security Incident").

4b. Confidentiality Obligations

Statusbrew will guarantee that any staff that it approves to deal with the Personal Data or potentially Personal Information will be dependent upon an obligation of confidentiality.

4c. Security Incidents

After getting aware of a Security Incident, Statusbrew will advise Customer immediately and will give sensible data and collaboration to Customer with the goal that Customer can satisfy any information breach revealing obligations it might have under the GDPR or other laws.

4d. Proper Use of Products and Services

Client concurs that, without prejudice to Statusbrew's obligations under this DPA, (i) Customer is exclusively liable for its utilization of Statusbrew's products and services, including (a) utilizing the products and services to guarantee a degree of security to the risk in regard of Customer Personal Data/Personal Information; and (b) getting the valid account authentication, systems and devices Customer uses to get to the products or services; and (ii) Statusbrew has no obligation to ensure Customer Personal Data/Personal Information that Customer chooses for store or move outside of Statusbrew's as well as its sub-processors' frameworks.

5. Sub-processing

5a. Sub-processors

Client concurs that Statusbrew may draw in Statusbrew affiliates and third-party sub-processors ("Sub-processors") to handle Personal Data or Personal Information for Statusbrew's benefit gave that:

  • Statusbrew will keep a state-of-the-art rundown of Sub-processors which it will refresh with details of any updations in Sub-processors in any event five (5) days preceding any such change and will advise Customer ahead of such change;
  • Statusbrew forces on such Sub-processors information protection terms that expect it to ensure the Personal Data or Personal Information to the standard needed by data protection laws; and
  • The duplicates of the Sub-processor arrangements that should be given by Statusbrew to Customer of the Standard Contractual Clauses may have all business data, or clauses random to the Standard Contractual Clauses or their same, eliminated by Statusbrew previously; and, that such duplicates will be given by Statusbrew, in a way to be resolved in its discretion, just upon demand by Customer.
  • Statusbrew stays responsible for any break of the DPA brought about by a Sub-processor.
  • All such Sub-processors will be Service Providers for motivations behind the CCPA.

5b. Objection to Sub-processors

Client may object preceding Statusbrew's appointment or substitution of a Sub-processor gave such objection depends on sensible grounds identifying with data protection. In such occasion, the parties will coordinate in accordance with good faith to arrive at a goal and assuming such goal can't be reached, Statusbrew, at its tact, will either not choose or replace the Sub-processor or, will allow Customer to suspend or end the affected Statusbrew Service.

6. Worldwide Transfers

The Standard Contractual Clauses, connected hereto, will apply to Customer Data that is moved external the EEA or the United Kingdom, either directly or through ahead move, to any country not perceived by the European Commission as giving a satisfactory degree of security for Personal Information. The Standard Contractual Clauses won't matter to Customer Data that isn't moved, either directly or by means of forward move, outside the EEA or the United Kingdom. Despite the previous, the Standard Contractual Clauses (or commitments equivalent to those under the Standard Contractual Clauses) won't have any significant bearing if Statusbrew has received, at its sole tact, Binding Corporate Rules for Processors or another option, recognized compliance standard for the legitimate exchange of Personal Data outside the EEA or the United Kingdom.

7. Collaboration and Audits

7a. Data subject and customer rights

Statusbrew will give sensible help to Customer, to the extent that this is conceivable and to Customer's expense, to empower Customer to react to demands from information subjects or consumers looking to practice their rights under the GDPR or the CCPA. In the occasion such request is made directly to Statusbrew, Statusbrew will expeditiously advise Customer regarding something very similar. Client approves Statusbrew to respond to requests from information subjects/or Consumers trying to practice their rights under the GDPR or the CCPA to explain the requests.

7b. Data assurance assessments

Statusbrew will, considering the idea of the preparing and the data accessible to it, give sensible help expected to satisfy Customer's obligation under the GDPR to do data protection assessments and earlier consultations with supervisory specialists, given, nonetheless, that Statusbrew will not be at liable for any disappointment of Customer to follow Customer's own obligations related thereto.

Statusbrew will be assessed against industry security structures or guidelines including, however not restricted to, SOC 2 standards. Upon request, Statusbrew will give provide summary of its latest confirmed audited report to Customer, which reports will be liable to Statusbrew's confidentiality terms under the Agreement.

7.3 Audits

Upon Customer's sensible request, and close to once each schedule year, Statusbrew will make accessible for Customer's inspection and review, duplicates of certifications, records or reports showing Statusbrew's compliance with this DPA. If Customer sensibly verifies that it should investigate Statusbrew's premises or hardware for reasons for this DPA, at that point close to once each schedule year, any audit depicted in this Section 7.3 will be directed, to Customer's expense, through an autonomous third-party auditor ("Independent Auditor") assigned by Customer. Prior to the beginning of any such on-site inspection, Customer and Statusbrew will commonly concur on reasonable planning, timing, and security controls applicable to the audit. Any audit will be of sensible length and won't unreasonably interfere with Statusbrew's everyday activities. All Independent Auditors are needed to go into a non-disclosure agreement containing confidentiality provisions sensibly adequate to Statusbrew and expected to secure Statusbrew's and its clients' confidential and exclusive data. Client will make (and guarantee that any Independent Auditor makes) sensible undertakings to try not to cause any harm, injury or interruption to Statusbrew's premises, hardware, work force and business over the span of such a audit or inspection. To the degree that Customer or any Independent Auditor causes any harm, injury or interruption to the Statusbrew's premises, hardware, staff and business throughout such a review or assessment, Customer will be exclusively liable for any expenses associated therewith.

8. Return/Deletion of Data

Upon demand by Customer at the end of the Agreement, Statusbrew will erase or get back to the Customer's Personal Data and additionally Personal Information in Statusbrew's possession, but to the degree such information might be needed to be held by Statusbrew under applicable laws or Statusbrew's information retention policies embraced as per such laws, inclusion of backup systems; gave, in any case, the confidentiality obligations and use limitations in the Agreement will keep on applying to such Customer Personal Data for the term of maintenance. Client recognizes that despite the previous language of this part, Statusbrew holds Customer Personal Data unless the customer revert back on clearing the data after the termination of any mutual agreement.